Suggest an After-Midnight Diner

If you know of any places to eat after midnight in San Diego, please let me know. The only requirement for being listed here is that people can come in after midnight, order their food after midnight, and sit down and leisurely eat it while discussing the overthrow of right-wing or fascist governments.

If there’s a twenty-four hour Denny’s that I’ve forgotten, or a tiny Mexican stand open all night, or even a twenty-four hour supermarket with prepared food and indoor seating, let me know the details: the name, the address, how late they’re open (especially on weekdays), and what kind of food they have. Any other details you’d like to provide are gravy.

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Name of eatery
Street Address
Part of townCurrently this covers as far north as La Jolla, as far south as downtown, as far west as the ocean, and as far east as, well, Kensington or thereabouts.
Closing timeThat is, how late can I walk in there and order food? Bourbon, whiskey, Coors Light, even Guiness, do not count as food. The guy that walks in just before closing time with a stack of leftover pizzas doesn’t count either. As much as I appreciate his service, you have to time your life to his, and that’s the antithesis of after midnight dining.
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